From start to end, have full insight
on your commission process

Commission tracking automation without secrets

Food manufacturers look for salespeople to be the face of the company, their knowledge and motivation to meet retailer demands and comply with the sales supply chain are critical for overall success. If a sales rep knows exactly how much he needs to sell in a day to hit his targets, it will be far easier for him to plan the day accordingly, and attain to customer tiers.

Incentives need to change frequently as distribution channels, shelf-life status and logistic flows evolve. Therefore, it is important for sales reps to have adaptability and flexibility. Blitz helps food manufacturers’ sales team tackle challenges related to incentive payments with a powerful automation software.

Set and reach new goals within your business

Up-to-date access

Blitz allows you to make commission plans and calculation rules available for your sales team in real-time. Motivate your salespeople by enhancing the accuracy and availability of your data, always aligned to your sales order management and distribution systems.

Process adaptability

Update your commission plans to reflect internal changes - new product lines, manufacturing process, wastage costs - Or external changes – consumption trends, new competitors, new customers. Start seeing positive results with the best commission tracking software.

Why Blitz?

Accurate commission tracking

Automate your process with very little room for errors, get all details on direct commissions, bonuses and non-monetary incentives.

Easy teams and hierarchical structures setup

Identify your best sales persons through Blitz’s top performers chart.

Friendly mobile app

Help your salespeople make the right call when they are working in the field.

Flexible engine

Easily implement changes to your commission plans, and accomplish your company goals by using natural language processing.

Full transparency

Build a sales team that’s confident in their sales commission plan, and maximize their potential.

Short term programs

Manage your campaigns or contests to provide additional incentives for your sales team.